Banner example

Buna ziua,
          Cand cautati un produs sau un anume serviciu ce folositi mai mult ? 
          1. Un catalog de firme si servicii. 
          2. Folositi Google sau Yahoo. 
             Eficienta este de 100% in varianta 2.
Suntem o companie de web-marketing ce lucreaza in parteneriat cu Google si care elaboreaza strategii de piata si programe de promovare rapida. Tehnica este relativ simpla dar foarte eficienta, cu un grad de raspuns aproape instantaneu. Promovarea web-site-ului dumneavoastra sau numai a afacerii  se poate face in 2 nivele si anume:
  1. Achizitionarea unui banner cu dimensiunea de 200 x 200 pixeli, cu afisare in prima pagina a, banner ce face directionarea userului catre web-site-ul dumneavoastra in cazul in care detineti sau poate directiona in cadrul MFO la o pagina web de prezentare, pe care o puteti inchiria si autoedita cu imagini, descriere produse si chiar film de prezentare .In acesta micro pagina web aveti posibilitatea sa treceti datele de contact, telefoane, fax si beneficiati de un email- de exemplu numele firmei Avantajele achizitionarii unui banner sau banner + micro pagina web sunt simple, datorita numarului de 60 000 de vizitatori unici ce acceseaza lunar strict pentru afaceri, implicit si bannerul achizitionat va directiona vizitatorul catre micro web-siteul sau web-siteul dumneavostra, datorita campaniilor de promovare Google sustinute de catre MFO in palierul afaceri, achizitii, vanzari, cumparari, materii prime, produse, servicii, imobiliare si multe altele..
  1. A doua metoda, mult mai eficienta datorita campaniilor personalizate, necesita in primul rand sa fiti membru MFO si sa detineti un banner afisat in prima pagina care face redirectionarea catre web-site-ul companiei dumneavoastra, modul de functionare fiind urmatorul: in momentul in care aveti un stoc de marfa pe care doriti sa-l promovati, de exemplu cherestea, important e ca atunci cand un potential client cauta in Google sau Yahoo cuvantul cherestea, pe primele pozitii in prima pagina sa se regaseasca si web-site-ul sau pagina dumneavoastra de internet cu descrierea marfii ( cherestea) ce o aveti spre vanzare. Astfel eficienta este de 100% deoarece ne adresam strict segmentului de piata interesat de produsul cherestea. O asemenea campanie se poate porni in maxim 30 de minute de la stabilirea unui palier de costuri si timp ce se estimeaza impreuna cu Google sau Yahoo astfel incat eficienta sa fie maxima cu costuri minime.
Aceste campanii sun destinate promovarii rapide a unui produs sau serviciu, ele putandu-se desfasura pe perioade scurte, atat cat este necesar. Bugetul zilnic alocat unei asemenea campanii poate varia intre 20 – 900 roni, in functie de palierul concurential.
 Exemplu :
 Pentru a promova vanzarea unor produse cum ar fi materiale de constructii, otel beton sau produse similare bugetul de 20-50 roni/zi poate fi suficient, dar la o campanie pentru un complex rezidential, blocuri de locuit, vile sau apartamente, unde oferta in acest moment este excedentara datorita imobilismului bancar si imobiliar, logic si campaniile sunt mai costisitoare deoarece si competitorii sunt mai multi. Important e sa putem plasa oferta pe prima pagina Google sau Yahoo, mai exact in primele pozitii.
Un factor important e ca si ofertantul sa alinieze plafonul de preturi la realitatea pietii, astfel eliminandu-se solicitarile nerealiste.
Pentru orice nelamurire sau pentru abordarea mai avansata a unor cerinte, va rugam sa ne contactati la email pentru a stabili o intalnire directa. Suntem dispusi sa colaboram la orice nivel in ce priveste web-conceptul, web-marketingul, programarea web si web-designul.
Construim afaceri-web, dezvoltam web-concepte la cel mai inalt nivel profesional.
Produsul realizat de catre MFO:
Campanii Rapide De Publicitate-Web, produs ce  poate fi promovat sau vandut de catre orice persoana fizica autorizata sau persoana juridica in baza unui acord de afiliere si colaborare cu S.C. Money Factory Organization Expert S.R.L.
Acest acord va ofera posibilitatea de a realiza venituri banesti suplimentare ca second job folosind numai sistemul relational propriu  sau se poate constitui intr-un business propriu cu venituri pe masura gradului de implicare. In orice varianta de colaborare MFO va asigura un back-up full time, tot ce trebuie facut este sa ne contactati pentru stabilirea unei intalniri directe la sediul nostru, pentru a va putea explica detaliat toate amanuntele acestei afaceri.

Va multumim,


When looking for a specific product or service, which is the most used tool?


  1.  A catalog of companies and services;

  2.  Using a web search engine like Google or Yahoo



Choosing the second option, the efficiency is 100%.


This is a web-marketing company working in partnership with Google and developing market strategies and fast promotions programs. The procedure is relatively simple but very effective with a response instantly almost. Your website promotion or just to make known your business plan, this could be done in two ways:

  1. By purchasing a banner size of 200 x 200 pixels, which would be displayed on the front page of; this banner will direct the user to your personal website (when you have a specific one) or could direct the user to a presentation/informing website page owned by MFO which can be rented and edited by yourself and loaded with images, products descriptions or even with short introduction movies. You have the chance to fill in this micro webpage with your personal contact details, phone and fax numbers, postal addresses and so on, and you will also get an email address (e.g. : the name of your ).


There are a lot of benefits buying a banner or purchasing a banner + a micro webpage, due to a very large number of visitors (over 60.000 people) who access monthly for business only; by default the banner that you have rented/bought will direct the visitor to his/hers personal micro website or to your website through promotion campaigns supported by MFO in the field of business, acquisitions, sells, buys, materials, products, services, real estate and more …

  1. The second procedure, more efficient through the personalized campaigns, ask as a condition, to be a member of MFO and to have your own banner posted on the first page which will make the connection with your company website, the mode of operation being as follows: when you want to advertise a batch of merchandise (e.g. a stock of timber) the important thing is that when a potential client will check by Google or Yahoo search the word “timber”, he/she will immediately find on the first position of the front page, your personal internet page and your website address together with the description of goods that you intend to sell.

This way, the efficiency will be 100% as we apply directly to a specific domain of market strictly interested of timber. Such of campaign can be started in about 30 minutes from setting a range of a price; this time will be also established in agreement with Google and Yahoo in order to reach the maximum of efficiency with a minimum of costs.


These campaigns are designated to a fast promotion of a product or a service and could be run on short periods of time, as is necessary. The daily budget for such of campaigns can fluctuate between 20 to 900 RON (….EUR) depending on the state of market.




For instance:


To promote sales of products as: building materials, concrete iron or similar products, could be enough a budget of 20-50 RON daily but speaking about promotion of a residential complex, block of flats, villas or residential apartments where the supply is in surplus for the time being owing to the real property and bank freezing, logically the campaigns are more expansive as the competition is harsher more. The most important thing is to lay out your offer on the Google or Yahoo’s front pages, in the most visible positions.


Another important element is that the tender has to fix his prices to the market level, ousting this way an unrealistic request.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at email for an advanced approach or for any other query in order to an appointment to be settled.

We are willing to cooperate at any level in terms of web-concept, web-marketing, soft-web and web-design.

We are building web-business and developing web-concepts at the highest professional level.


The MFO product is:

Fast advertising web-campaigns, product which could be sold or promoted by any natural authorized person or legal entity under an affiliation agreement and in collaboration with S.C. Money Factory Organization Expert SRL.

This agreement offer you the opportunity to realize additional income as a second job, using just your personal connections or can be constitute and developed as an own business with earnings as the level of involvement. Any kind of collaboration will be chosen, MFO will provide full time back-up.

All you have to do is to contact us and make an appointment with one of our specialists to our headquarter, in order to explain you in details this business.